F.A.Q. - The answer to frequently asked questions on Market Miracle Advisor

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  1. Where do I find the trading signals ?

The trading signals are published on the official website of Market Miracle Advisor you can find them on the Home page or in the pages dedicated to the single stocks and assets that are analyzed.

  1. Can I receive notifications on my phone every time a signal is produced ?

You can certainly activate the notification service on all Android devices, IOS and even on PC directly from your profile

You will receive a notification that will alert you for new signals on your favorite tickers.

  1. How do I distinguish input and output signals?

In the Official Market Miracle Advisor Manual
all input and output signals are fully described.

For your immediate understanding all input signals are green while the output signals are red.

The color tone is representative of the risk connected to the signal but in any case it is strongly recommended to read the description of the individual signals in the manual.

  1. Can I make a selection of the signals of the Stocks of a determined market ?

Yes, of course, at the top of the list of signals there is the possibility of selecting the markets of which you want to see the signals. For example, in this case we selected only the Italian market.

  1. I would like information on a title to my liking how can I know if it is monitored ?

At this link you will find the list of monitored titles at the same link you will also find useful information on the backtest results that we have detected on each title.

  1. Will the service offered by Market Miracle Advisor will remain free forever ?

We are in a phase of launch of Market Miracle Advisor, to date the service is free but there is no doubt that Market Miracle Advisor will introduce a fee in the future.

You can take advantage of this phase where the service is free to help us know Market Miracle Advisor and in return you will get strong discounts on its subscription fee once the free period ends.

We have already launched the program 'Brings a friend' just to make sure that the first users are the most advantaged, this page explains the details of the program to make Market Miracle known to others.

You will already be able to make our service known to other people and the more people who will register thanks to you, the greater will be the discounts in the future for you on the cost of the service, each of the new friends brought who will use Market Miracle Advisor, will get you a discount, so the service will remain for you free or almost.

Start bringing friends, acquaintances or even chat and social users to the Market Miracle Advisor site today and you’ll have huge benefits in the future. Find out more at this link

Today that the service is free will be easy to you to bring new users, this is the best time to build your future as Market Miracle Advisor user.

  1. Can I add more tickers to the monitoring ?

In order to activate the monitoring of the tickers we rely to the service alert of tradingview which allow us to make to work our algorithm for the elaboration h24 on a multiplicity of assets.

We currently have an availability of 800 alerts and we can not add additional titles because the system is already monitoring 800 assets.

You can report titles and we will be happy to assess whether it is appropriate to insert the title you have indicated removing another because not profitable at this particular time.

In any case it is necessary to know that not all titles can be monitored, very young securities with less than one year of quotation do not allow an accurate monitoring and therefore it may be necessary to wait another time for a possible evaluation for inclusion.

  1. How do I understand what the data on Market Miracle means and how do I interpret it

Here you can find the Market Miracle Advisor Usage Manual it is good to read it in depth to have an adequate knowledge of the meaning of the signals and how to interpret all the information we provide.

  1. I have seen that a Stock has gone up of price but Market Miracle has not given any trading signal, why ?

The advisor does not provide signals for all possible trades but only for those in which he believes that market conditions are statistically favourable.

The objective is not therefore that to carry out trades in continuation on all the course of the Stock but to select the more opportune moments and with minor risk.

  1. Can I trust the signals of the advisor as they are generated ?

The signals of the advisor are generated from an equal automatic algorithm for all the monitored stocks

On the backtest this algorithm has generated a success rate of 92% of the trades carried out considering the totality of the Stocks

Obviously for each title the success rate is different and you can find it at Tickers on Market Miracle Advisor

In any case, the signals provided by us must always be considered to support your personal analysis or you can use them on demo accounts and are still to be considered educational material.

Surely they can help you to confirm your assumptions or find better entry or exit points from the market.

We do not assume any responsibility for the trades based on Market Miracle Advisor's signals the final responsibility remains ALWAYS the responsibility of those who carry out the trades

  1. What is at the base of the automatic algorithm ?

At the base of the algorithm there is the indicator Miracle viewer that is a private indicator designed to divide the market into the various players that compose it.

In fact a "reverse engineering" is performed starting from the price and the volumes and, thanks to this process are extracted the positions net short / net long of the various types of investors as well as a series of additional data that allow us to optimize the signals.

At this link you will find an explanation of the indicator and information that are then used by Market Miracle Advisor for the generation of signals.


  1. I have seen that the information is published 'market phase' What does it correspond to ?

It’s complicated to describe it in two words, it’s appropriate to describe it with graphs and deepening it. At the link The market phases you will find a detailed description of the market phase information present on all signals.

It’s also present this explanatory video that tries to better explain the market phase https://youtu.be/Ugr-PHq63g0

  1. Can I see the processed data in real time ?

At this link selecting in the tab at the bottom of the page "Last market data detected" you will be able to access a shared sheet where are updated every period processed the data related to the title , the meaning of the various columns is always the one documented on the user manual of Market Miracle Advisor

  1. Are the entry signals provided from a short term or long term perspective?

The signals generated by Market Miracle Advisor are based on the interest of large investors. This premise implies that ALL INPUT SIGNALS provided are in a medium to long term perspective.

On the page of detail of every ticker it is brought back an average of the duration of the trades of test carried out in the backtest.

In every case of speaks of tempistiche averages and the past values are not however a guarantee of the results for the future.

  1. Are there any explanatory videos available ?

We have created some videos that can help you understand how Market Miracle Advisor works
You can access it through the following links

  1. Is it possible to create a Whish List?

Yes of course, you can populate the list of pre-orders on the various pages by clicking on the star or manage it on the page Wish list.

Once you have defined the list you can use it to filter the signals received or to receive notifications on your smartphone ( See question number 2 on this page )

  1. Is there a list with the best assets ?

We send weekly to all those who have the notifications activated on Telegram or pushover ( See question number 2 on this page ) a list of the assets that seem most promising to us in the following weeks. These must then be followed according to their own analysis and according to the data and signals provided by Market Miracle Advisor.