Spread the word about Market Miracle Advisor to your friends and other users to get super discounts in the future.

The service offered by Market Miracle Advisor is free of charge, but will soon be paid for by all those who wish to use it.

We have set up the "bring your friends" programme to reward in the future all those who help us to grow the service by introducing it to other people. Each subscriber is given a referral code and a link to refer others. You can find your link and code by opening your profile using the menu.

During registration the new user is asked to enter the invitation code

Anyone who uses your invitation code during registration will be considered as a user referred by you.

Anyone who reaches the Market Miracle site with the link on your profile will automatically find the "invitation code" field filled in with your referral code.

You can also invite people to the service by using the QRCODE you find in the notifications. Here is an example

It won't be difficult for you to send our notifications in chats, on social networks or other means of your choice to attract new users and start accumulating your discount potential for the future today. If you have not activated the notification service, you can activate it by following the instructions here http://notifiche.marketmiracleadvisor.com/

You can also create your own link by adding the suffix ?ref=yourReferenceCode to any page on the site, for example to a ticker page.

Let's imagine that you want to send your friend the Tiscali detail page to show him the graph of the various market players just add to the page http://website.marketmiracleadvisor.com/signal/ticker/TIS/MILAN/Tiscali the suffix for your reference, so the link you send to your friend will be


You can do this for all tickers on the site.

To summarise, you can acquire users referred by you in the following ways: