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What is Market Miracle Advisor?

It is an algorithmic advisor that works by extrapolating from market data analytical information about money flows.
The method of analysis was developed privately in about 10 years of trading and analysis by Bruschi Tiziano Linkedin

The algorithm was initially made only for their own trading operations, then the small project has become what is now Market Miracle Advisor or a portal that monitors about 1200 assets in real time.

We are not financial advisor and the entire content of this site and all social channels connected to it, are generated through a software algorithm, are published for educational purposes only and / or to trade on demo accounts.

This should be considered educational material and not intended as a solicitation to invest.

Any analysis published is for the sole purpose of disclosing the author's personal opinion and/or to share personal experience.

Whoever uses these analyses to guide their own trading or investment activities does so at their own risk and exempts the author from any liability.

Any use other than that described is at the complete risk of the user.

Market Miracle Advisor aims to provide the trader with a series of additional market information to the traditional information processed automatically with which the trader can enrich his analysis in order to compare and improve his trading performance and techniques.

Market Miracle Advisor is based on the Miracle viewer indicator.

The indicator allows you to break down the market according to money flows and then take buy positions when the big investors start to buy, so you enter a bull market without risking ending up in a bear phase where it is difficult to make a profit on any trade.

The signals and market data are distributed, to date free of charge, through the site

Market Miracle is able to generate market data and signals for

INPUTS and OUTPUTS for LONG stock, forex, crypto positions INPUTS and OUTPUTS for SHORT forex and selected crypto positions.

The advisor has been tested on tradingview's entire history of 800 tickers including : Stocks , cryptocurrencies, Forex the average of profitable trades was 92%.

All tested securities are monitored by the advisor with a frequency of 1 hour, 4 hours or 1 day depending on the volatility of the security, the frequency is indicated at each signal.

The list of monitored securities and backtest results is available at this address: List of monitored tickers.

Notifications on Apple IOS and Android smartphones

It is possible to receive notifications on your mobile device. The service, now offered free of charge by Market Miracle Advisor allows you to receive a notification that will alert you for new signals on tickers you have indicated as favorites. To activate the notifications is sufficent to follow the procedure described in this document For the sending of notifications Market Miracle Advisor uses the service offered by the site to which it is not connected and does not receive any money. Therefore in order to receive notifications from Market Miracle Advisor it is necessary to subscribe an account with the Pushover service indicated. The costs of activation and eventual costs of maintenance of this service are at the complete expense of the user.

Market Miracle Advisor signals description and information provided.

Below is the description of the information distributed through the site

Strategy direction

Indicates the trading direction of the signal, if indicated LONG means that the signal is referring to a strategy that wants to take advantage of rising prices if indicated SHORT means that the signal is referring to a strategy that wants to take advantage of falling prices

[Risk] Signal

This information indicates the type of signal generated, the number inside the square brackets indicates the level of risk the higher the number the greater the risk of the signal

The order in which they are shown here indicates the severity of the signal from least to most severe.

Market Phase

Indicates the current market phase allows you to identify the phase of interest in the asset by professional investors. A phase 2-3 gives a higher probability that your trade will end with profit because there are institutional investors who have strong interest in the stock. More risky surely the phase 1 - 6 and 5 and 4 even if in some moments they allow a price action with greater movement.

For a complete description of the market phase and to understand how this value is calculated visit the page dedicated to the market phase

The dedicated page also contains a link to an explanatory video.

Remember to put a like on the video if you find it useful. OVERBOUGHT LV and OVERSOLD LV (overbought level,incidence)

or level of Oversold and OVERSOLD indicates whether you are experiencing an oversold or overbought situation, the higher the number reported the higher the level of overbought/oversold.

Usually the too much sold one can transform itself in a fast increase of the prices for which a signal of purchase with a situation of ipervenduto is one good opportunity in order to buy.

The too much bought instead can determine in case of weakness a sudden collapse of the prices, attention therefore to buy in this situation above all if the level is much high.


Market sentiment

The market sentiment is a parameter that indicates whether the market, beyond the information provided by the signals that are of technical type, is "exaggerating" situations of rise or fall of prices.

In football we could describe it well as "how much the small investors are cheering", in fact it measures the irrational market.

A very high market sentiment and consistent with the direction of the signal (positive for LONG signals and negative for SHORT signals) will facilitate price action or price stationarity even with an exit signal.

The value can oscillate from -2 to 2 but typically it is very difficult that it exceeds the unit.

If the market sentiment is coherent with the direction of the signal (positive for LONG and negative for SHORT signals) it helps the movement of the signal.

If it is not consistent with the direction of the signal it causes a slowdown in the movement and sometimes even a contrary movement.

On the tests effected in the history of the Stock I have appreciated that if the not coherence is limited to 0,40 (for which >= -0.40 for the LONG and <= +0.40 for the SHORT) it is true that from a side it slows down the price action but from the other it allows to enter to better prices.

According to the results obtained in the tests, the advice is to consider LONG signals with market sentiment > -0.40 and SHORT signals <= +0.40 to optimize trades.

Trg price, Trg %
(Target price and Target % )

This is an estimate of the potential price and profit percentage achievable with the current long and medium term pressure.

Clearly, market conditions can vary and the target price cannot be considered a value at which to close open positions but only an estimate of what could be a potential profit considering the current conditions.

This is a technical target calculated on the basis of information detected on the chart, does not take into account in any way the market sentiment that clearly can improve or worsen the performance obtainable.

Typically, a signal with a market phase that represents an improving situation (value 1,2,3) should improve its target over time, while a signal with a market phase that represents a worsening situation (4,5,6) should worsen it over time.

The estimate does not take into account the influence of small investors on the market because they frequently show interest variability.


indicates the timeframe the advisor is using to monitor the ticker.

1 = 1 hour

4 = 4 hours

24 = 1 day

also determines the maximum signal reception frequency for the ticker